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What Makes an Effective Recruiter?

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

The best recruiters do more than just perform their daily jobs successfully; they ensure that their organisation consistently recruits and retains good employees.

In this blog, we will look at the ideal competencies and specific skills required to be an effective recruiter and succeed in this fast-paced recruitment industry.

Good Communication

Communication is a non-negotiable need for recruiters throughout the recruiting process. As a recruiter, you must be able to communicate effectively since you interact with candidates, communicate with them about positions, and manage their expectations. There should be strong communication at every level of the recruiting cycle, whether it’s by email, phone, or social media, this is imperative to build success. The recruiter serves as a liaison between the candidate and the organisation. To avoid disparities, they must ensure the candidate understands the roles and responsibilities that come with the role and the organisation's values. Throughout the recruiting process, the client and candidate should be continuously informed of any advancements.


Working in the recruitment industry entails a great deal of networking and engaging with a huge number of individuals. As a recruiter, you need confidence in yourself and your abilities to pull off the complex task of recruiting. You must be confident not just in yourself, but also in the abilities you can provide a client and candidates. When questioned about the candidate you have chosen for the job, you should be able to back up your choice to the client.

When a recruiter is confident and follows through on their promises, employers will have confidence in their abilities.

Relationship Building Skills

The recruitment industry is a ‘people business’, your success as a recruiter is influenced by the people you know and how they feel about you. Relationships are the foundation of the recruiting profession. As a recruiter, you must have the ambition and abilities to develop strong relationships, as well as a predisposition to naturally connect with people.

Recruiters must reject more prospects than they employ, according to statistics. The best handle it gently, by transforming rejections into relationships. You should always send a post-interview rejection letter. Good recruiters distinguish by sending personalised emails and cultivating genuine relationships. Don’t underestimate the good relationship you have built with your job seekers, if they are happy with the job, they will recommend you to their friends and family too!

Think ahead

Recruiters who provide value to their company do not simply wait for a job posting notice to begin looking for candidates. Successful recruiters build pipelines and maintain contact with former candidates.

You should know exactly where to look for experienced candidates and how to meet them in the most unexpected places. To keep up to date with current recruitment trends, you should attend all HR events.

Keep an open mind

The finest recruiters in the industry understand that you should never judge a book by its cover or an applicant by their resume. Recruiters that stand out are those who promote variety above traditional standards. You should recommend candidates you believe are enthusiastic enough to provide fresh ideas to their team, even if they do not come from a stereotypical background.

Good listener

This is a crucial characteristic. Listening not only increases your efficiency but also indicates your interest in what clients and candidates have to say, which builds rapport. Recruiters have a reputation for being able to talk the ears off you, but they should also be attentive listeners. It is important to take a step back and actively listen to your potential client’s or candidate's needs and motivations so that you are better equipped to help them and find the perfect match.

Time Management Skills

Time management is fundamental to being a successful recruiter. You must understand how to adjust priorities based on what is going on during the day, you should focus on being productive rather than busy. Organising your day around activities that yield results is a wise use of time.

The majority of positions will be time sensitive as either someone is departing from the company and need to be replaced, or the client needs the creation of a new role to suit the demands of the business. In any case, recruiters will be entrusted with swiftly selecting a candidate who fits the specific criteria. Furthermore, recruiters often have to multitask as they are given several responsibilities at once, so time management and organisational abilities are essential.


The capacity to recover from disappointment or failure is one of the most vital traits of an effective recruiter. Nothing is more disheartening than labouring for many weeks to bring a customer and candidate together, only to have something beyond your control derail the opportunity. When a reference check is flat, or your candidate accepts a counteroffer, great recruiters learn from it and move on. You might have all the other necessary characteristics, but if you are not resilient, you will struggle to succeed in the recruitment industry.

Continuous Improvement

Good recruiters are the ones who lead the charge in what they do, but they also recognise that there is always room for development; they are continually learning new things and seeking new ways to grow professionally. To keep ahead of the competition and identify the top talent effectively recruitment consultants must be knowledgeable on the latest HR and recruitment trends, as well as developing market dynamics affecting their micro-specialism.

Nowadays, being familiar with various social media recruitment strategies and IT technologies will give you that competitive edge.

Do you believe you’ve got what it takes to be a successful recruiter? To find out more about our industry-leading opportunities please contact Suzannah Carpenter (

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