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What Is 'Rec to Rec' ?

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

‘Rec2Rec’ stands for ‘Recruitment to Recruitment’. This is when a recruiter finds work for another Recruitment Consultant and is a Recruitment Consultant themselves.

Plymtree Careers is a successful Recruitment to Recruitment company, which places recruiters at all levels, typically experienced recruiters to VPs of large organisations. Our business plan focuses on the recruitment of high-quality experienced professionals. We specialise in recruiting other recruiters in the following industries:

- Oil & Gas - Energy - Construction - Engineering - Marine - Life Science - Technology - Finance - Power & Mining

A common question we get asked is do recruiters really need recruiters? Below we have listed some of the main reasons we are trusted to find and hire the perfect professionals.

Why as a candidate you should use an international Rec2Rec

Having worked the international markets for over 20 years, we have a strong understanding of how recruitment works in each key regional location. We have strong global relationships with several of the world’s leading agencies and also with newly emerging groups with capital investment for strong growth in new markets. Since we are experts in supporting relocations, we are well positioned to guide and advise you not only professionally but personally as well. As a knowledgeable, recruitment company we can give you an insight into their way of life, culture, tax structures, commission schemes etc. Every market is different. Every region is different.

As specialists, we know how to identify the best platform for your success. We can advise you exactly how warm or cold the desk is that you're looking at and also what percentage of the work is retained and what is contingent. If you prefer the contracts markets, we can discuss how compliant any group is. We know the market and we know the groups, if you are moving abroad, it’s not just about the location, its about a career enhancing adventure!

Why as a client you should use International Rec2Rec

As experts, working in these markets all day every day, we can promise to save you both time and money as we focus all of our efforts on hiring the right professionals for your company. We believe firmly in retention, so hiring the right person, not only makes you look good you, know that they will loyal committed employees, with the core motivations to make your business a success. We have a well-established personalised recruitment process and a broad network of possible candidates. We constantly innovate, improve, and acquire new contacts to improve our recruitment process.

Additionally, as a Recruitment to Recruitment specialist, we know exactly when and where to look for candidates. Over the years we have built up a detailed database of candidates with particular skill sets for specific roles. We use this data in the process whereby we select individuals. Developing and implementing this quality selection process takes precious time, which most companies do not have. As a company that focuses on quality, we can narrow down your search and present you with a plethora of suitable candidates.

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