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7 Reasons You Should Relocate to Dubai

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Located on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, Dubai is the second-largest Emirate in the United Arab Emirates. Beyond Dubai’s iconic landmarks, it is a well-connected, multicultural city with residents hailing from all corners of the globe.

The United Arab Emirates is a thriving global talent magnet, that continues to boom. Dubai has the most diversified economy in the region. The oil and gas, energy, and IT industries are all experiencing strong market trends. Below is a plethora of reasons why you should relocate to Dubai with our specialist recruitment to recruitment company.

Job Opportunities

Dubai’s thriving economy has consequently resulted in a flourishing employment market with numerous possibilities and opportunities for career development. The city is a commercial hub for the Middle East and beyond. Whether you’re a seasoned professional seeking to enhance your career or a graduate unsure where to start, Dubai’s exciting job market offers opportunities for growth and development.

Tax-free income

The absence of income tax is very attractive for professionals looking to migrate to Dubai. Earnings are not subject to taxation, regardless of whether you work for a company or manage your own business. The lack of tax will significantly boost your take-home salary.

Thriving Social Life

Dubai is an expat paradise, offering a vibrant social scene, with events and locations to suit all preferences. The multicultural melting pot has a wide range of restaurants serving cuisines from across the world, as well as luxurious shopping malls, music festivals, art galleries and other attractions. Furthermore, Dubai offers nightlife like no other, with a great selection of clubs, bars, and entertainment venues.

Advanced Transport Systems

Perfectly positioned as a gateway to the globe, Dubai’s strategic geographical location makes it an excellent base for travel. Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest in the world, offering flights to and from most major destinations across the globe. The Dubai government has made a substantial investment in its transport infrastructure, helping it rank among the top in the world. Dubai’s metro system is one the most advanced in the world.

High Standard of Living

Dubai has a unique and diversified lifestyle that is associated with a luxurious, high standard of living. The city is safe and clean with outstanding infrastructure, making it an appealing place to live.

Additionally, Dubai’s crime rate is notably low, it was named one of the safest cities in the world in 2023 for residents. To ensure safety, the UAE government has enforced rigorous rules and a well-designed legal system, as well as aggressively investing in creating new technologies.

The Climate

Dubai is great for sun lovers, with around 342 sunny days every year. Temperatures seldom fall below 20 degrees celsius. This allows residents to enjoy all of Dubai’s fantastic outdoor attractions, including outdoor dining, parks, and beaches. It should be emphasised that the buildings are adequately air-conditioned throughout the summer months, ensuring a comfortable working environment.

Reliable Healthcare

Healthcare is of an incredibly high standard. While you will probably need to take out private medical insurance, you can be confident that you will receive the finest possible treatment in superb facilities manned by highly qualified doctors and nurses. The majority of organisations incorporate medical insurance into your salary package.

...If you like the sound of Dubai, please get in touch. We have several lucrative recruitment opportunities, with all the relocation support you need.

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