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6 Qualities Every Recruiter Looks For

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

In today's competitive recruitment market, it can be tough to capture an employer's attention; you must demonstrate more than just the essential qualifications to get recognised during the recruitment process.

Our specialist recruitment to recruitment company looks for the following characteristics during the recruiting process.


Being passionate about your work is one of the most crucial traits an employee can have. Recruiters seek to hire employees that are enthusiastic about their company.

A passionate employee is more likely to attract clients and do that job better, therefore the recruiter will sense it if you are passionate about the job you are applying for. Make sure to ask the recruiter lots of questions!


Good communication skills are fundamental during the recruitment process. Candidates with strong communication skills are more likely to get hired by recruiters.

The candidate should act intelligently and be able to communicate well both verbally and nonverbally, for example on social media.


Recruiters want candidates that are motivated to continuously improve and keep on top of all their work. Recruiters seek individuals who are goal-orientated and don’t need to be pushed or reminded of what they need to do.

Without a motivated workforce, recruiters risk failing to meet their goals and targets.

Track record

Recruiters don’t just look for experience, they value a good track record as well. Having a good track record where a candidate has outperformed the job and has positive reviews always boosts a candidate's prospect of getting hired during the recruitment process.

Make sure you have a set of great references ready!


All recruiters want to recruit candidates who are committed to their work, as dedicated candidates tend to yield greater results. Commitment at work leads to increased productivity and as a result higher profits.

Recruiters know that committed employees stay with the company for a long period of time and fit in well with their work environment.


No recruiter wants to recruit a candidate who does not work well as part of a team. Working as a team produces more efficient and faster results.

You have aligned values

Recruiters place a high value on cultural fit, and it is a deciding element during the hiring process. Being honest and being yourself is the greatest approach to share your ideals!

It's also a good idea to prepare by researching the company's values. You can then provide instances of how you might fit in at the organisation.

If you are actively searching for a job, these are some of the attributes that we look for as recruiting professionals. Knowing what recruiters look for in a potential employee is a good place to start when preparing for the recruitment process.

To find out more about some of the opportunities Plymtree Careers has to offer, get in touch today!

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